PSA Submissions 2021-2022

The Lake County Camera Club submits images to the Photographic Society of America (PSA) on behalf of our members for the interclub competition. Our club participates in four interclub competitions. Below are the images chosen by the four PSA Committees for submittal. A club per division per competition can submit only six images.

The Competiton categories are Nature, Projected Image, Photo Journalism and Travel
MakerImage TitleImageSubmittedCompetition Category
Anthony RomaRain DropsAnthony RomaRain DropsRound 1Nature
Bob KruzicSnow SquirrelBob KruzicSnow SquirrelRound 1Nature
Harold HauserMaking WavesHarold HauserMaking WavesRound 1Nature
Karolyn BerkielWrestling CubsKarolyn BerkielWrestling CubsRound 1, AwardNature
Michael TrahanRainy Day BlackburnianMichael Trahan Rainy Day BlackburnianRound 1Nature
Phani ChaturvedulaHappy Mothers DayPhani ChaturvedulaHappy Mothers DayRound 1Nature
Anthony RomaFlame Skimmer DragonflyAnthony RomaFlame Skimmer DragonflyRound 2Nature
Bob KruzicGrazing BuddiesBob KruzicGrazing BuddiesRound 2Nature
Harold HauserWading for FoodHarold Hauser Wading for FoodRound 2Nature
Karolyn BerkielFox Family PortraitKarolyn BerkielFox Family PortraitRound 2, Honorable MentionNature
Mike TrahanFlowing Water...pensive BearMike TrahanFlowing Water...pensive BearRound 2Nature
Sue BaronBalanced Rock FramedSue BaronBalanced Rock FramedRound 2Nature
Sue MatsunagaIn The Dead of WinterSue Matsunaga In The Dead of WinterRound 2Nature
Bob LinRelaxBob LinRelaxRound 3Nature
Gary EdwardsAustralian Aspotted JellyfishGary EdwardsAustralian Aspotted JellyfishRound 3Nature
Karolyn BerkielPeek a BooKarolyn BerkielPeek a BooRound 3Nature
Mike TrahanLecontes Sparrow Peek-a-booMike TrahanLecontes Sparrow Peek a boo]Round 3Nature
Sue BaronNight Heron Take offSue BaronNight Heron Take offRound 3Nature
Sue MatsunagaFall in the SavannahSue MatsunagaFall in the SavannahRound 3Nature
Anthony RomaFire Demo at Open HouseAnthony RomaFire Demo at Open HouseRound 1, AwardPhotojouralism
Bob KruzicA Mothers LossBob KruzicA Mothers LossRound 1, AwardPhotojouralism
Jim RossOrdination of a BishopJim RossOrdination of a BishopRound 1Photojouralism
John RouseWelding Water Tower 98 Ft in the AirJohn RouseWelding Water Tower 98 Ft in the AirRound 1Photojouralism
Linda KruzicHaving FaithLinda KruzicHaing FaithRound 1Photojouralism
Mike TrahanStopping a GoalMike TrahanStopping a GoalRound 1Photojouralism
Tony RomaInjured JumperAnthony RomaInjured JumperRound 2Photojouralism
Robert KruzicSold out and ShutoutBob KruzicSold out and Shut outRound 2Photojouralism
Jim RossMuckfestJim RossMuckfestRound 2Photojouralism
John RouseRemoving Driveway for RepavingJohn RouseAsphalt RemovalRound 2Photojouralism
Linda KruzicFlying in the SnowLinda KruzicFlying in the SnowRound 2Photojouralism
Mike TrahanSpeed DemonsMike TrahanSpeed DemonsRound 2Photojouralism
Bob KruzicTaking Turns Watching the SheepBob KruzicTaking Turns Watching the SheepRound 3Photojouralism
Gary EdwardsA Precarious SituationGary EdwardsA Precarious SituationRound 3Photojouralism
John RouseReplace Existing RoofJohn RouseReplace Existing RoofRound 3Photojouralism
Linda KruzicAn Italian ArtistLinda KruzicAn Italian ArtistRound 3Photojouralism
Marc HuntleyA Shared MomentMarc HuntleyA Shared MomentRound 3Photojouralism
Sheri SparksTransporting Goods in IndiaSheri SparksTransporting Goods in IndiaRound 3Photojouralism
Anthony RomaPresque Isle LightstationAnthony RomaPresque Isle LightstationRound 1, AwardTravel
Bob KruzicComing from a Saigon MarketBob KruzicComing from a Saigon MarketRound 1, Honorable MentionTravel
Jim RossJust Resting - Sanjuan CapistranoJim RossJust Resting Sanjuan CapistranoRound 1Travel
Linda KruzicTaking a Break in VeniceLinda KruzicTaking a Break in VeniceRound 1Travel
Sheri SparksAt the Wailing Wall in JerusalemSheri SparksAt the Wailing Wall in JerusalemRound 1Travel
Sue BaronDead Horse Point State Park UtahSue BaronDead Horse Point State Park UtahRound 1Travel
Bob KruzicAutumn on the RhineBob KruzicAutumn on the RhineRound 2Travel
Linda KruzicPrague SunriseLinda KruzicPrague SunriseRound 2Travel
Sheri SparksEnjoying an Iceland VistaSheri SparksEnjoying an Iceland VistaRound 2Travel
Sue MatsunagaThree GondolasSue MatsunagaThree GondolasRound 2, Honorable MentionTravel