PSA Submissions 2020-2021

The Lake County Camera Club submits images to the Photographic Society of America (PSA) on behalf of our members for the interclub competition. Our club participates in four interclub competitions. Below are the images chosen by the four PSA Committees for submittal. A club per division per competition can submit only six images.

The Competiton categories are Nature, Projected Image, Photo Journalism and Travel
MakerImage TitleImageSubmittedCompetition Category
Anthony RomaSwainsons ThrushAnthony RomaSwainsons ThrushRound 1Nature
Bob KruzicSolitary SplendorBob KruzicSolitary SplendorRound 1Nature
Bob LinSmoky MountainBob LinLccc psa 1 b bob Lin smoky MountainRound 1Nature
Karolyn BerkielBlack Bear Eating Salmon EggsKarolyn BerkielBlack Bear Eating Salmon EggsRound 1Nature
Liz Rose FisherTree Swallow Feeding TimeLiz Rose FisherTree Swallow Feeding TimeRound 1, AwardNature
Sue MatsunagaBig Red in SnowstormSue MatsunagaBig Red in SnowstormRound 1Nature
Bob LinSandhill Crane and YoungBob LinLccc psa 1 b bob Lin sandhill CraneRound 3Nature
Gary EdwardsCurious LionessGary EdwardsCurious LionessRound 3Nature
Karolyn BerkielBeautiful BorealKarolyn BerkielBeautiful BorealRound 3Nature
Linda KruzicChecking the WeatherLinda KruzicChecking the WeatherRound 3Nature
Sue BaronA Rain Swollen CreekSue BaronA Rain Swollen CreekRound 3Nature
Bob KruzicWaiting for His FriendsBob KruzicWaiting for His FriendsRound 3Nature
Anthony RomaRoadway Through the Valley of FireAnthony RomaRoadway Through the Valley of FireRound 1 Honorable MentionTravel
Bob KruzicFiji MarketplaceBob KruzicFiji MarketplaceRound 1Travel
Bob LinSmall House in FallBob Lin3 b small House in FallRound 1Travel
Gary EdwardsLighthouse at SunriseGary EdwardsLighthouse at SunriseRound 1Travel
Linda KruzicThe Forbidden CityLinda KruzicThe Forbidden CityRound 1Travel
Sheri SparksCopper FallsSheri SparksCopper FallsRound 1Travel
Anthony RomaLouisville Big Four BridgeAnthony RomaLouisville Big Four BridgeRound 2Travel
Bob KruzicSlovenian ChurchBob KruzicSlovenian ChurchRound 2Travel
Bob LinCrossing Lake of CloudBob Lin4 b crossing Lake of CloudRound 2Travel
Linda KruzicA Street in the CotswoldsLinda KruzicA Street in the CotswoldsRound 2Travel
Sheri SparksAmnicon FallsSheri SparksAmnicon FallsRound 2Travel
Sue MatsunagaShoreline BledSue MatsunagaShoreline BledRound 2Travel
Anthony RomaVintage Capitol HillAnthony RomaVintage Capitol HillRound 3Travel
Bob KruzicOn a Bridge in ParisBob KruzicOn a Bridge in ParisRound 3Travel
Bonnie DawsonBells of Old MissionBonnie DawsonBells of Old MissionRound 3Travel
Linda KruzicDubrovnikLinda KruzicDubrovnik HarborRound 3Travel
Mike TrahanVibrant AmsterdamMike TrahanVibrant AmsterdamRound 3Travel
Sue MatsunagaCastle in BledSue MatsunagaCastle in BledRound 3Travel
Anthony RomaAir Force One on the TarmackAnthony RomaAir Force One on the TarmackRound 1Photojouralism
Bob KruzicWounded Warriors Track MeetBob KruzicWounded Warriors Track MeetRound 1 Honorable MentionPhotojouralism
Gary EdwardsFoot WashingGary EdwardsFoot WashingRound 1Photojouralism
Gary EdwardsKenosha Riot AftermathGary EdwardsKenosha Riot AftermathRound 1, Honorable MentionPhotojouralism
Linda KruzicEuropean Street CleanerLinda KruzicEuropean Street CleanerRound 1Photojouralism
Linda KruzicWashing Before PrayerLinda KruzicWashing Before PrayerRound 1Photojouralism
Jim RossAnd Dont Get That on Your ClothesJim RossAnd Dont Get That on Your ClothesRound 2 Honorable MentionPhotojouralism
Jim RossOrdination of a BishopJim RossOrdination of a Bishop 1Round 2Photojouralism
Mike TrahanA Photographers JoyMike TrahanA Photographers JoyRound 2Photojouralism
Sheri SparksChick Fila a First 100 CampoutSheri SparksChick Fil a First 100 CampoutRound 2Photojouralism
Sheri SparksThe Morning After the RiotsSheri SparksThe Morning After the RiotsRound 2Photojouralism
Bob KruzicAloneBob KruzicAloneRound 3Photojouralism
Jim RossTwo Chocolate One VanillaJim RossTwo Chocolate One VanillaRound 3Photojouralism
Linda KruzicBucking BroncoLinda KruzicBucking BroncoRound 3Photojouralism