PSA Submissions 2019-2020

The Lake County Camera Club submits images to the Photographic Society of America (PSA) on behalf of our members for the interclub competition. Our club participates in four interclub competitions. Below are the images chosen by the four PSA Committees for submittal. A club per division per competition can submit only six images.

The Competiton categories are Nature, Projected Image, Photo Journalism and Travel
MakerImage TitleImageSubmittedCompetition Category
Bob KruzicBackwoods StreamBob KruzicBackwoods StreamRound 1Nature
Bonnie DawsonMama GorillaBonnie DawsonMama GorillaRound 1Nature
Harold HauserWaiting for LunchHarold HauserWaiting for LunchRound 1Nature
Karolyn BerkielDinner TimeKarolyn BerkielDinner TimeRound 1Nature
Linda KruzicCedar WaxwingLinda KruzicCedar WaxwingRound 1Nature
Sue BaronBarred OwlSue BaronBarred OwlRound 1Nature
Bob KruzicCourting GanetsBob KruzicCourting GanetsRound 2Nature
Bob LinHummingbirdBob LinBob Lin hummingbirdRound 2Nature
Harold HauserCardinal SingsHarold HauserCardinal SingsRound 2Nature
Linda KruzicDeep in the ForestLinda KruzicDeep in the ForestRound 2Nature
Mike TrahanAerial AltercationMike Trahan Aerial AltercationRound 2Nature
Sue MatsunagaWinter VisitorSue MatsunagaWinter VisitorRound 2, Honorable MentionNature
Aurelia SpicuzzaAfternoon ShadeAurelia SpicuzzaAfternoon ShadeRound 3Nature
Gary EdwardsSilent Night PredatorBGary EdwardsSilent Night PredatorRound 3Nature
Bob KruzicNew Zealand Mom and Pup SealsBob KruzicNew Zealand Mom and Pup SealsRound 3Nature
Kate ScottBeautiful Bird Awkward FlyerKate ScottBeautiful Bird Awkward FlyerRound 3Nature
Linda KruzicLounging LizardLinda KruzicLounging LizardRound 3Nature
Sue MatsunagaA Pair of Leadwort FlowersSue MatsunagaA Pair of Leadwort FlowersRound 3Nature
Jim RossQuin Abbey - Quin IrelandJim RossQuin Abbey Quin IrelandRound 1Travel
Linda KruzicFiji ParadiseLinda KruzicFiji ParadiseRound 1Travel
Mike TrahanLanding on an Uninhabited AtollMike TrahanLanding on an Uninhabited AtollRound 1Travel
Sheri SparksFishing Shack Rockport, MASheri SparksFishing Shack Rockport MaRound 1Travel
Sue MatsunagaChurch of the AssumptionSue MatsunagaChurch of the AssumptionRound 1Travel
Bob KruzicIstanbul WomenBob KruzicIstanbul WomenRound 2Travel
Jim RossPoulnabron Portal Tomb Ennis IrelandJim RossPoulnabron Portal Tomb Ennis IrelandRound 2Travel
Linda KruzicA Tired TouristLinda KruzicA Tired TouristRound 2Travel
Sheri SparksHeading to TownSheri SparksHeading to TownRound 2Travel
Sue BaronPittsburgh by the Monongahela RiverSue BaronPittsburgh by the Monongahela RiverRound 2Travel
Sue MatsunagaQuebec CitySue MatsunagaQuebec CityRound 2Travel
Anthony RomaMilwaukee SunsetAnthony Roma Milwaukee SunsetRound 3Travel
Bob KruzicHawaiian VistaBob KruzicHawaiian VistaRound 3Travel
Jim RossCliffs of Moher from DoolinCliffs of Moher from Doolin Jim RossRound 3Travel
Mike TrahanComing into Bergen NorwayMike Trahan Coming into Bergen NorwayRound 3Travel
John WilliamsSkyline ArchSkyline Arch John WilliamsRound 3Travel
Sheri SparksUpper Bond FallsUpper Bond Falls Sheri SparksRound 3Travel
Harold HauserBlue Angels Upside DownHarold HauserBlue Angels Upside DownRound 1Photojournalism
Linda KruzicPigeon ManLinda KruzicPigeon ManRound 1 Honorable MentionPhotojournalism
Linda KruzicParis PainterLinda KruzicParis PainterRound 1Photojournalism
Sheri SparksLaying PaversSheri SparksLaying PaversRound 1Photojournalism
Bob KruzicArmy StrongBob KruzicArmy StrongRound 1 Honorable MentionPhotojournalism
Bob KruzicBeer Delivery in CopenhagenBob KruzicBeer Delivery in CopenhagenRound 1Photojournalism
Bob KruzicLove in Old CroatiaBob KruzicLove in Old CroatiaRound 1Photojournalism
Bob KruzicUnable to Keep Up with the TimesBob KruzicUnable to Keep Up with the TimesRound 2Photojournalism
Bob KruzicWounded but Still WarriorsBob KruzicWounded but Still WarriorsRound 2Photojournalism
Linda KruzicFlying in the SnowLinda KruzicFlying in the Snow 1Round 2Photojournalism
Linda KruzicUnder a Watchful EyeLinda KruzicUnder a Watchful EyeRound 2Photojournalism
Bob KruzicWounded Warriors Track MeetBob KruzicWounded Warriors Track Meet 1Round 3Photojournalism
Linda KruzicBegging for TreatsLinda KruzicBegging for TreatsRound 3Photojournalism
Linda KruzicStreet Game in SaigonLinda KruzicStreet Game in SaigonRound 3Photojournalism
Sheri SparksWorking His CraftSheri SparksWorking His CraftRound 3Photojournalism