Inter-Club Competition Honors 2023-2024

The Lake County Camera Club (LCCC) holds Competitions four months during our September to August Season.

And our club participates in the Chicago Area Camera Club (CACCA) Interclub competitions. This Gallery covers those competitions.

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The honors are Best of Show (BOS), Award (AW), and Honorable Mention (HM)

Anthony RomaAre You Getting My Good Side?sm monoOct25BOSA
Michael SchmittYellow SwallowtailNov24HM
Sue MatsunagaArchesSue Matsunaga Sue Matsunaga Arches 1sm monoOct24AWANov25Award
Kate ScottMountainside PatchworkKate Scott Mountainside Patchwork 1sm monoOct24HMB
Mike BurquistAloha Towersm monoOct24HMA
Bill SullivanIn Honor of the Saints of Volunteerslg monoNov24HM
Karolyn BerkielHumpback Whale Rising from the Ocean!lg monoOct26BOSANov24AwardBOS
Karolyn BerkielI've got My Eye on You!lg monoOct25HMA
Sue MatsunagaWindmills at DuskSue Matsunaga Sue Matsunaga Windmills at Dusk 1sm colorOct25AWA
Michael SchmittEagle with Shadsm colorOct25HMA
Michael SchmittMorph Reddish Egretsm colorOct23HMANov24HM
Kate ScottInquisitive KitsKate Scott Inquisitive Kits 1sm colorOct24BOSBNov25Award
Chris WashburnStrike A Posesm colorOct22HMB
Linda KruzicA Masterpiece of the BaroqueLinda Kruzic Masterpiece of the Baroquelg colorNov24HM
Linda KruzicThe Chapel of Louis XIVLinda Kruzic The Chapel of Louis XIVlg colorNov25Award
Bob KruzicA Bedchamber by CandlelightBob Kruzic A Bedchamber By Candlelightlg colorNov24Award
Bob KruzicRendezvousBob Kruzic The Rendezvouslg colorOct26BOSANov24HM
Bill SullivanIn Honor of the Saint of Outcastslg colorNov24HM
Kate ScottPortrait of an EgretKate Scott Profile of an Egret 1lg colorOct25AWBNov24Award
Karolyn BerkielGrizzly Poselg colorOct24HMANov25Award
Anthony RomaCrystal Ball Sunrise at Simmons Islandlg colorOct23HMA
Michael TrahanMineMichael TrahanMine 1DPI monoOct24HMA
Tom BrandtA Path Less TraveledTom BrandtA Path Less Traveled 1DPI monoOct24BOSA
Tom BrandtAre We Done YetTom BrandtAre We Done Yet 1DPI monoOct24HMA
Gary EdwardsAll AloneGary EdwardsAll Alone 1DPI ColorOct25AWA
Michael TrahanContemplationMichael TrahanContemplation 1DPI ColorOct26BOSA
Michael TrahanThe Southern Milky Way
Michael TrahanThe Southern Milky Way 1

Milky Way from the Southern Hemisphere

DPI ColorOct25HMANov25Award
Sheri SparksFlowers Upon FlowersSheri SparksFlowers Upon Flowers 1DPI ColorOct24HMA
Tim ElliottParasolTim ElliottParasol 1DPI ColorOct24HMA
Greg KarpPenquins at PlayGreg KarpPenquins at play 1DPI ColorOct24AWBOct24.5HM
Kate ScottI'm TiredKate Scott Im Tired DPIDPI ColorOct23HMB