Inter-Club Competition Honors 2022-2023

The Lake County Camera Club (LCCC) holds Competitions four months during our September to August Season.

And our club participates in the Chicago Area Camera Club (CACCA) Interclub competitions. This Gallery covers those competitions.

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The honors are Best of Show (BOS), Award (AW), and Honorable Mention (HM)

ClassMakerImage TitleImageCompetition MonthCategoryPointsBase AwardSpecial AwardCACCA>Submitted?Competition MonthCategoryPointsBase AwardSpecial Award
AAnthony RomaRockefeller TowerOctlarge mono print22CACCA>YNovLarge Mono24HM
AAnthony RomaSturgeon Bay BridgeAnthony Roma Sturgeon Bay BridgeOctmono DPI24HMCACCA>YNovmono DPI23
AAnthony RomaFlyin' at the FairAnthony Roma Flyin At the FairDeccolor DPI23HMCACCA>YDecColor DPI24
AAnthony RomaSt. Patrick's CathedralAnthony Roma Anthony Roma St Patricks CathedralFebCACCA>YMarLarge Color24HM
ABill SullivanPut Out To PastureOctlarge mono print23CACCA>YNovLarge Mono24HM
ABill SullivanThe Platinum CathedralOctlarge mono print23HMCACCA>YNovLarge Mono24Award
ABill SullivanGolden Focal PointBill SullivanGolden Focal PointDeclarge color print24HMCACCA>
ABill SullivanA German Gothic ChurchFeb-23large color print24HMCACCA>
ABill SullivanOne Solitaary DevoteeFeb-23large mono print24AwardBOSCACCA>YMarLarge Mono24Award
ABill SullivanMy House of PrayerFeb-23large mono print24HMCACCA>YMarLarge Mono24Award
ABob KruzicDusk at Wolf PointBob KruzicDusk at Wolf PointOctsmall color print25HMCACCA>YNovSmall Color24HM
ABob KruzicA Night at the OperaBob KruzicA Night at the OperaOctlarge color print25AwardBOSCACCA>YNovLarge Color24Award
ABob KruzicMedieval LonlinessBob KruzicMedieval LonelinessOctsmall mono print24CACCA>YNovSmall Mono24HM
ABob KruzicA Place of DevotionBob KruzicA Place of DevotionDeclarge color print24HMCACCA>
ABob KruzicThe King's LibraryBob KruzicThe Kings LibraryDecsmall color print24HMCACCA>
ABob KruzicStrength and BeautyBob KruzicStrength and BeautyDecsmall mono print24HMCACCA>
ABob KruzicAlong a Dublin LaneBob KruzicOn a Dublin LaneFeb-23small color print24HMCACCA>
ABob KruzicBroken and BatteredFebCACCA>YMarSmall Mono24Award
ABonnie DawsonHoney, I Said I'm SorryDeclarge color print24HMCACCA>
BCarl StinemanRed Tailed HawkCarl Stineman Red tailed Hawk

Octcolor DPI23HMCACCA>YNovColor DPI22
BCarl StinemanAerobaticsCarl Stineman AerobaticsDeccolor DPI22HMCACCA>YDecColor DPI23HM
BCarl StinemanSwoopCarl Stineman SwoopFeb-23color DPI24HMCACCA>YMarColor DPI24Award
BChris WashburnWelcome To My ParlorChris Washburn welcome to my parlorOctcolor DPI23HMCACCA>YNovColor DPI24HM
BChris WashburnWoodland StrollChris Washburn woodland strollOctmono DPI21HMCACCA>YNovmono DPI22
BChris WashburnWell, Hello ThereDecsmall color print22AwardCACCA>
BChris WashburnNina Con FloresChris Washburn nina con floresDeccolor DPI22HMCACCA>
BJennifer DurotMeasure Once, Cut TwiceJennifer Durot Measure Once Cut TwiceFebCACCA>YMarSmall Color23HM
AJim RossFoggy DayJim Ross Foggy DayDeclarge mono print24AwardBOSCACCA>
AJim RossRed Belly WoodpeeckerJim Ross Red Belly Woodpecker 12 22 LCCCDecsmall mono print22HMCACCA>
AJohn WilliamsAntelope Canyon Wave CaveJohn Williams Antelope Canyon Wave CaveDeccolor DPI24HMCACCA>
AJohn WilliamsCarved Rock Antelope CanyonJohn Williams Carved Rock Antelope CanyonDecmono DPI22HMCACCA>YDecmono DPI23
BJoseph RosenbergSailsJoseph Rosenberg SailsOctmono DPI24AwardCACCA>YOctmono DPI22
BJoseph RosenbergMorning LightJoseph Rosenberg Morning LightDeccolor DPI22AwardCACCA>
BJoseph RosenbergStanding GuardJoseph Rosenberg Standing GuardFeb-23color DPI23AwardCACCA>YFeb-23Color DPI23
AKarolyn BerkielGreat Grey OwlKarolyn BerkielGreat Grey OwlOctmono DPI24HMCACCA>YOctmono DPI23
AKarolyn BerkielEagle PortraitKarolyn Berkiel Eagle PortraitOctmono DPI26AwardBOSCACCA>YNovmono DPI22
AKarolyn BerkielInto The Mouth of a WhaleKarolyn Berkiel Into the Mouth of a Whale 5562 copy 2Declarge color print25AwardBOSCACCA>
AKarolyn BerkielSticking Close To MomKarolyn BerkielSticking Close to MomFeb-23color DPI24HMCACCA>YFeb-23Color DPI23
AKarolyn BerkielFocused EagleKarolyn BerkielFocused Eagle 1Feb-23mono DPI24HMCACCA>YFeb-23mono DPI23
AKarolyn BerkielSalmon SeasonKarolyn BerkielSalmon SeasonFeb-23large color print25HMCACCA>YMar-23Large Color24Award
AKarolyn BerkielGreat Grey OwlKarolyn BerkielGreat Grey OwlFeb-23large color print26AwardBOSCACCA>
BKate ScottCityscapeKate ScottCity ScapeOctmono DPI21HMCACCA>YOctmono DPI19
BKate ScottBear MomentKate ScottBear MomentOctcolor DPI25AwardBOSCACCA>YNovColor DPI24Award
BKate ScottPolar Moment on the TundraKate ScottPolar Moment on the TundraFeb-23small color print24AwardCACCA>YMarSmall Color23Award
BKate ScottButterfly AgaveKate Scott Butterfly AgaveFeb-23mono DPI23AwardCACCA>YFeb-23mono DPI22
ALinda KippesOpen SoonDecsmall color print24HMCACCA>
ALinda KruzicDo Not DisturbLinda KruzicDo Not DisturbOctsmall mono print25HMCACCA>YNovSmall Mono24Award
ALinda KruzicElaborate CraftsmanshipLinda KruzicElaborate CraftsmanshipOctlarge color print24HMCACCA>YNovLarge Color24HM
ALinda KruzicIn The British TraditionLinda KruzicIn the British TraditionDeclarge mono print24HMCACCA>
ALinda KruzicSunrise in PragueLinda KruzicPrague at SunriseFeb-23small color print24HMCACCA>
ALiz Rose FisherAutumn BeautyLiz Rose Fisher Autumn BeautyFeb-23color DPI24CACCA>YFeb-23Color DPI25Award
ALiz Rose FisherPouty PrincessLiz Rose Fisher Pouty PrincessFeb-23color DPI24HMCACCA>YMarColor DPI24Award
ALiz Rose FisherLoving LifeLiz Rose Fisher Loving LifeFeb-23mono DPI24AwardBOSCACCA>YFeb-23mono DPI23
BMarlene PietranekApproaching StormMarlene Pietranek Approaching StormOctmono DPI21HMCACCA>YOctmono DPI21
AMike BurgquistB-29 CockpitOctsmall mono print24CACCA>YNovSmall Mono24HM
AMike BurgquistChicago ReflectionsDecsmall mono print23AwardBOSCACCA>
AMike BurgquistChildhood Memories ForgottenFeb-23small mono print24HMCACCA>
AMike KukulskiAlexia Glances Back
Mike KukulskiAlexia Glances Back

Green Olive Portraits

Octlarge mono print23AwardBOSCACCA>YNovLarge Mono24HM
AMike KukulskiLe Soldat Francais
Mike KukulskiLe Soldat Franais


Octsmall color print24HMCACCA>YNovSmall Color22
AMike KukulskiGemeiner SoldatFeb-23small mono print24HMCACCA>YMarSmall Mono24HM
AMike KukulskiIsabel NoirFebCACCA>YMarLarge Mono24HM
AMike TrahanSossusvlei Namibia
Michael Trahan Sossusvlei Namibia

Dead Vlei

Octcolor DPI23HMCACCA>YOctColor DPI22
ASheri SparksChicago's FlamingoOctsmall mono print23CACCA>YNovSmall Mono24HM
ASheri SparksHow Red is a RoseSheri Sparks How Red is a RoseOctcolor DPI25AwardCACCA>YOctColor DPI22
ASheri SparksWhite Water LilySheri Sparks White Water LilyDecmono DPI21AwardBOSCACCA>
ASheri SparksMorning Light On LotusSheri Sparks Morning Light on LotusFeb-23color DPI25AwardBOSCACCA>YFeb-23Color DPI25Award
ASue MatsunagaIn Daddy's HandsSue MatsunagaIn Daddys HandsOctsmall mono print25AwardBOSCACCA>YNovSmall Mono24Award
ASue MatsunagaGod's Splendid ColorsSue MatsunagaGods Splendid ColorsOctsmall color print26AwardBOSCACCA>YNovSmall Color26AwardBOS
ASue MatsunagaEarly Fall GlowSue MatsunagaEarly Fall GlowOctcolor DPI24HMCACCA>YNovColor DPI23
ASue MatsunagaContemplating Her FateSue MatsunagaContemplating Her FateDecsmall color print24AwardBOSCACCA>
ASue MatsunagaWild Turks CapSue Matsunaga Wild Turks CapDeccolor DPI24AwardBOSCACCA>
ASue MatsunagaFruitSue MatsunagaFruitFeb-23small color print25AwardBOSCACCA>YMarSmall Color24Award
ASue MatsunagaBefore Dawn Charles BridgeSue MatsunagaBefore Dawn Charles BridgeFeb-23small mono print24HMCACCA>YMarSmall Mono24HM
ASue MatsunagaSunflowersSue MatsunagaSunflowerFeb-23small mono print25AwardBOSCACCA>YMarSmall Mono23Award
ASue MatsunagaEarly Spring HepatiaSue MatsunagaEarly Spring HepaticaFeb-23color DPI24HMCACCA>YFeb-23Color DPI21
AKarolyn BerkielBeautiful FoxKarolyn BerkielBeautiful foxDec-22color DPI24CACCA>YApr-23Color DPI24HM
AKarolyn BerkielHumpback Whales Feeding TogetherApr-23large color print24HMCACCA>YMay-23Large Color21
AKarolyn BerkielEagle Soar With HerringKarolyn BerkielEagle Soar with HerringApr-23color DPI26AwardBOSCACCA>YMay-23Color DPI24i
AKarolyn BerkielTiny Fox KitKarolyn BerkielTiny fox kitApr-23mono DPI24AwardBOSCACCA>YMay-23mono DPI22
AKarolyn BerkielHold OnApr-23large mono print26HMCACCA>YMay-23Large Mono21
BJennifer DurotFinal Resting PlaceJennifer Durot Final Resting PlaceOct-22large mono print22CACCA>YMay-23Large Mono23HM
ABob KruzicArtistry in the Organ LoftApr-23small color print26HMCACCA>YMay-23Small Color24
ABob KruzicSt. Peter's in Vatican CityApr-23large color print25HMCACCA>YMay-23Large Color22
ABob KruzicAt The End of the DayApr-23small mono print25AwardBOSCACCA>YMay-23Small Mono23
ALinda KruzicInside Notre Dame CathedralApr-23large color print25AwardBOSCACCA>YMay-23Large Color21
AMike KukulskiHiram Buttrick MillApr-23large color print22CACCA>YMay-23Large Color22HM
ASue MatsunagaFinnSue Matsunaga FinnApr-23small color print25AwardBOSCACCA>YMay-23Small Color24
ASue MatsunagaPeaceful Sunrise, BrugesSue Matsunaga Peaceful Sunrise BrugesApr-23small color print25HMCACCA>YMay-23Small Color25Award
ASue MatsunagaLeaving Market SquareSue Matsunaga Leaving Market SquareApr-23small mono print23HMCACCA>YMay-23Small Mono23
BJoseph RosenbergAcross The StraitJoseph RosenbergAcross the StraitApr-23color DPI24AwardCACCA>YMay-23Color DPI24Award
AJim RossLooking For A HandoutFeb-23large mono print24CACCA>YMay-23Large Mono22HM
BKate ScottSparring on the TundraApr-23small color print23HMCACCA>YMay-23Small Color22
ASheri SparksLotus Etched In PinkSheri SparksLotus Etched in PinkApr-23color DPI26HMCACCA>YApr-23Color DPI23
ASheri SparksAlong The Avon RiverSheri SparksAlong the Avon RiverApr-23mono DPI24HMCACCA>YMay-23mono DPI23
BCarl StinemanPurple CascadeApr-23small color print24AwardCACCA>YMay-23Small Color21
BCarl StinemanHilary and DonaldCarl StinemanHilary and DonaldApr-23color DPI22HMCACCA>YMay-23Color DPI21
ABill SullivanEdison WizardryApr-23large mono print26AwardBOSCACCA>YMay-23Large Mono24Award
ABill SullivanVery Holy InnocentsApr-23large mono print24CACCA>YMay-23Large Mono24Award