Inter-Club Competition Honors 2021-2022

The Lake County Camera Club (LCCC) holds Competitions four months during our September to August Season.

And our club participates in the Chicago Area Camera Club (CACCA) Interclub competitions. This Gallery covers those competitions.

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The honors are Best of Show (BOS), Award (AW) and Hoorable Mention (HM)
MakerImage TitleImage MonthCategoryPointsBase AwardSpecial AwardCACCA> MonthCategoryPointsBase AwardSpecial Award
Anthony Roma9th Army Medics of WWIIDecMono DPI24HMCACCA >DecMono DPI22
Anthony RomaYes, It's AliveAnthony RomaYes Its AliveFebSmall Color Print26HMCACCA >FebSmall Color Print21
Bill SullivanFlawed SymmetryBill SullivanFlawed SymmetyOctLarge Mono Print25AwardBOSCACCA >NovLarge Mono Print23
Bill SullivanPatriotic Milwaukee RiverAprCACCA >JanLarge Color Print24AW
Bill SullivanChicago RiverwalkAprLarge Mono Print24HMCACCA >AprilLarge Mono Print24HM
Bill SullivanSaint Mary of the AngelsAprLarge Color Print24HMCACCA >MayLarge Color Print23
Bill SullivanNight River CruiseCACCA >JanLarge Mono Print23AW
Bob KruzicClassic ProportionsBob KruzicCassic ProportionsOctLarge Mono Print26HMCACCA >NovLarge Mono Print24HM
Bob KruzicIn The Highland MistBob KruzicIn the Highland MistOctLarge Color Print24CACCA >NovLarge Color Print24AWBOS
Bob KruzicFeeling The MajestyBob KruzicFeeling the MajestyOctLarge Color Print25AwardBOSCACCA >NovLarge Color Print24AW
Bob KruzicAutumn on the RhineBob KruzicAutumn on the RhineDecLarge Color Print25AwardBOSCACCA >DecLarge Color Print25HMBOS
Bob KruzicA Bridge to the PastDecLarge Mono Print23CACCA >JanLarge Mono Print23HM
Bob KruzicA Splash of SilverBob KruzicA Splash of SilverDecLarge Mono Print25AwardBOSCACCA >DecLarge Mono Print24AW
Bob KruzicSymphony In StoneBob KruzicSymphony in StoneFebLarge Mono Print26HMCACCA >FebLarge Mono Print25AWBOS
Bob KruzicFrozen In TimeFebLarge Mono Print26AwardBOSCACCA >MarchLarge Mono Print24HM
Bob KruzicRestaurant on the CanalBob KruzicRestaurant on the CanalAprSmall Color Print24HMCACCA >AprilSmall Color Print22
Bob KruzicLunch at the Kirchplatz CafeAprLarge Color Print23CACCA >AprilLarge Color Print24HM
Bob KruzicA River Runs Through ItCACCA >NovLarge Mono Print24HM
Bob LinWhite Sand National ParkFebColor DPI22CACCA >FebColor DPI24HM
Chris WashburnGolden PrincessOctColor DPI24AwardCACCA >NovColor DPI22
Chris WashburnDragon LadyOctColor DPI24HMCACCA >OctColor DPI23
Chris WashburnCandy GirlDecColor DPI22HMCACCA >DecColor DPI22
Gary EdwardsElusive Green HeronAprColor DPI24HMCACCA >AprilColor DPI23
Jim RossBig Boy Steam TrainFebSmall Mono Print21CACCA >AprilSmall Mono Print22HM
Jim RossProvost GuardAprSmall Mono Print22AwardBOSCACCA >MaySmall Mono Print25AWBOS
John WilliamsPilsen CTA StairsCACCA >JanLarge Color Print24HM
Joseph RosenbergCrossing OverJoseph RosenbergCrossing overDecColor DPI23HMCACCA >JanColor DPI21
Joseph RosenbergZion StationJoseph RosenbergZion StationAprColor DPI23AwardCACCA >AprilColor DPI24BOS
Karolyn BerkielCinnamon-Fox-Kit-Coming-out-of-DenKarolyn BerkielCinnamon Fox Kit Coming out of DenOctSmall Color Print24AwardBOSCACCA >OctSmall Color Print24HM
Karolyn BerkielMom and Cub Playing in the SnowKarolyn BerkielMom and Cub Playing in the SnowOctColor DPI24AwardBOSCACCA >NovColor DPI24AW
Karolyn BerkielGrizzly Cub Digging For Clams``Karolyn BerkielGrizzly Cub Digging for ClamsOctColor DPI24CACCA >OctColor DPI25AW
Karolyn BerkielGrizzly Cub PortraitKarolyn BerkielGrizzly Cub PortraitOctMono DPI24AwardBOSCACCA >OctMono DPI21
Karolyn BerkielNorthern Hawk Owl StareKarolyn BerkielNorthern Hawk Owl StareDecColor DPI24AwardBOSCACCA >DecMono DPI24
Karolyn BerkielThe GreetingKarolyn Berkiel The Greeting 1279 copyFebColor DPI23CACCA >FebColor DPI24HM
Karolyn BerkielGrizzly in The RainKarolyn Berkiel Grizzly in the Rain 2933FebMono DPI24AwardBOSCACCA >FebMono DPI24HM
Karolyn BerkielPeek A BooKarolyn Berkiel Peek A Boo 5077 2FebMono DPI24HMCACCA >MarchMono DPI24
Karolyn BerkielKeeping An Eye on the KitsKarolyn Berkiel Keeping an eye on the kits 1662AprColor DPI24AwardBOSCACCA >AprilColor DPI25HM
Kate ScottRed Fox in the SnowKate ScottRed Fox in the SnowDecColor DPI24AwardCACCA >DecColor DPI21
Kate ScottAmaryllisFebMono DPI24AwardCACCA >MarchMono DPI23
Kate ScottCanada Jay CoupleAprSmall Color Print21CACCA >MaySmall Color Print24HM
Kate ScottRedpoll on a PerchAprSmall Color Print21CACCA >AprilSmall Color Print24HM
Kate ScottSister, SisterKate ScottSister SisterAprMono DPI23AwardCACCA >AprilMono DPI23
Linda KruzicHeavenly InspirationLinda KruzicHeavenly InspirationOctLarge Color Print25HMCACCA >OctLarge Color Print24HM
Linda KruzicFlorintine ArchitectureOctLarge Color Print24CACCA >JanLarge Color Print24HM
Linda KruzicBaroque StaircaseLinda KruzicBaroque StaircaseDecLarge Mono Print24HMCACCA >JanLarge Mono Print24AWBOS
Linda KruzicStairs of DistinctionFebLarge Mono Print24CACCA >FebLarge Mono Print24HM
Linda KruzicCathedral PulpitAprLarge Mono Print22CACCA >AprilLarge Mono Print24HMBOS
Linda KruzicOh, Holy NightLinda KruzicOh Holy NightAprLarge Mono Print24HMCACCA >MayLarge Mono Print23
Linda KruzicLast Light of the DayLinda KruzicThe Last Light of the DayAprLarge Color Print24HMCACCA >AprilLarge Color Print24
Linda KruzicJungle Frog on a LogLinda KruzicJungle Ffrog on a LogAprSmall Color Print24HMCACCA >AprilSmall Color Print21
Linda KruzicMine Eyes Have Seen The GloryCACCA >MaySmall Mono Print22HM
Marlene PietranekSplit PersonalityOctMono DPI23AwardCACCA >OctMono DPI22
Marlene PietranekStretching Out To SeaAprMono DPI22HMCACCA >AprilMono DPI23
Marlene PietranekRose BowlAprColor DPI22HMCACCA >AprilColor DPI21
Mike KukulskiJenna in the WoodsMike KukulskiJenna in the WoodsOctLarge Color Print25HMCACCA >OctLarge Color Print23
Mike KukulskiWhat The Boys Are Fighting ForOctSmall Mono Print22CACCA >JanSmall Mono Print23HM
Mike KukulskiBirches In MotionMike KukulskiBirches in MotionDecColor DPI23HMCACCA >DecColor DPI23
Mike KukulskiHydes Mill In Fall ColorMike KukulskiHydes Mill in Fall ColorDecLarge Color Print25HMCACCA >DecLarge Color Print24
Mike KukulskiAria Sees the LightMike KukulskiAria Sees the LightDecSmall Mono Print23CACCA >DecSmall Mono Print23AW
Mike KukulskiDon't Call Them TatsMike KukulskiDont Call Them TatsAprSmall Mono Print22HMCACCA >AprilSmall Mono Print23AW
Mike KukulskiDark Self PortraitMike KukulskiDark Self PortraitAprLarge Mono Print24AwardBOSCACCA >AprilLarge Mono Print24
Mike KukulskiBlue KatieMike KukulskiBlue KatieAprLarge Color Print25AwardBOSCACCA >MayLarge Color Print24BOS
Mike TrahanThis is OUR SpotMike TrahanThis is our SpotOctColor DPI25HMCACCA >OctColor DPI24
Mike TrahanWabash Avenue At The RiverDecColor DPI24AwardCACCA >JanColor DPI24
Mike TrahanGrumpy WitchMike TrahanA Grumpy WitchDecMono DPI24HMCACCA >DecMono DPI24
Mike TrahanPeaceful FlamingosMike TrahanPeaceful FlamingosFebColor DPI24HMCACCA >FebColor DPI23
Minli HuangAutumn RhymeFebColor DPI22HMCACCA >FebColor DPI21
Minli HuangWhite Sand National ParkFebColor DPI24AwardCACCA >MarchColor DPIi
Sheri SparksIsabella Tiger ButterflySheri SparksIsabella Tiger ButterflyOctColor DPI25AwardCACCA >NovColor DPI23
Sheri SparksNumber 5 Is Coming Down The TrackSheri SparksNumber 5 is Coming Down the TrackOctMono DPI24HMCACCA >OctMono DPI23
Sheri SparksEnjoying The ViewDecColor DPI24HMCACCA >JanColor DPI23
Sheri SparksWild Geraniums HighlightedFebColor DPI22CACCA >MarchColor DPI25AW
Sheri SparksGrasmere VillageAprMono DPI24AwardBOSCACCA >MayMono DPI24HM
Sheri SparksExquisite in WhiteLarge Color PrintCACCA >MarchLarge Color Print25HM
Sue MatsunagaRose-Breasted GrosbeakSue MatsunagaRose Breasted GrosbeakOctSmall Color Print23HMCACCA >NovSmall Color Print24HM
Sue MatsunagaLittle Ball of FurSue Matsunaga Sue Matsunaga Ball of FurOctSmall Mono Print23CACCA >JanSmall Mono Print24AW
Sue MatsunagaFall in the SavannahSue MatsunagaFall in the SavannahDecColor DPI26AwardBOSCACCA >DecColor DPI24AW
Sue MatsunagaTokyo Castle BridgeSue MatsunagaTokyo Castle BridgeDecSmall Mono Print25AwardBOSCACCA >DecSmall Mono Print24HM
Sue MatsunagaA Handsome PairSue MatsunagaA Handsome PairFebColor DPI25AwardBOSCACCA >FebColor DPI23
Sue MatsunagaFall In VermontFebSmall Color Print24CACCA >FebSmall Color Print25AW
Sue MatsunagaPuffed Up IndigoSue MatsunagaPuffed Up IndigoFebSmall Color Print25HMCACCA >MarchSmall Color Print22
Sue MatsunagaPensiveSue MatsunagaPensiveAprSmall Color Print24AwardBOSCACCA >AprilSmall Color Print25AWBOS